Improved Platform


There has been a few technology updates today to Growthvillage.com

The most important is fixes to the mail system as member from yahoo and bellsouth were not receiving the daily e-mail updates, so some of you may be seeing a GrowthVillage.com notification in your e-mail for the first time.

The other improvement includes the ability to send out entries you enjoy to others by e-mail directly from the site. Just click on "email this page" for any entry.

As always please contact us with suggestions or to submit your creative writings, pic

Spread the Word


GrowthVillage.com's words of wisdom are getting some traction on the net, but "bad news travels faster than good" and so it is even with 21st century technology. If you enjoy GrowthVillage.com share it with friends, blog about it, add links to it, or at least share the ideas from it with others.

Getting E-Mail Updates


You can NOW get updates via e-mail for GrowthVillage.com

Once you have an account and are logged in, choose "my account" from the menu and then the "my notify settings" to turn on/off or adjust the settings for how much content to receive via e-mail.

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