The greatest high is accomplishment, everything else is just a vision.

What Makes a Leader

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Benjamin Franklin

Thinking about succeeding no matter where they are is what makes a leader.

Never be the Victim


There is no success found in those that consider themselves the victim, only those that consider themselves challenged.

Heros In Our Lives

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One that is not open to heros is not open to love. One that can not become a hero is one that can not love. One that relies only on heros does not love themselves.



Success starts with kicking addictions.

Nothing helps procrastination more than addictions. Just think, for example, every cigarette kills at least five minutes of productivity.


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Running Deer

When all else fails to motivate you, motivate others and then nothing will be able to hold you down.



Never delay taking the first action step, a project that never starts, never succeeds.

Being Overwhelmed

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When you feel you are being overwhelmed by life concentrate instead on the very next concrete thing. You climb mountains starting from their base and one step at a time and then you are there.



Everything is relative to how large you make it in your minds eye.

The whole world was created for you

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Everyone of us is faced with our own personal world of challenges staged by God to help us achieve, for God didn't create us that we should fail!

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