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The #1 world wide cause of sickness is stress, the #2 is worrying about getting stressed. Relax, God's in control there is nothing to worry about. Spend a few minutes every day and night just to relax, meditate and pray and it all the stress melts away.

Does God listen?


God listens to every prayer and answers every one. The question is do we pay attention or ignore the answers we didn't want to come.


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stuffed turkey

No matter how much we do to serve God, it will never be enough for just life alone. The least we can do is to at least thank Him regularly.

Change the World

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Don't just dream about changing the world. Prayer, charity and acts of kindness make a difference now. You can work on the rest later.

Contemplation, Meditation and Prayer

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The Thinker

Contemplation leads to right character and inner quiet
Meditation leads to right demeanor and tranquil relations
Prayer leads to right service and world peace

We Can Pray


Amazing, God lets us pray to Him! What an act of kindness to give us a constant source of hope, a means to commune with Him, an opportunity to directly beseech Him for our needs. He even desires our prayers despite having the least need for them, all for our own benefit!

With a gift like that, letting a day go by with out using it and showing our appreciation for it would be just unthinkingable...

Power of Prayer

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brother and sister

God has no limits so why should your prayers?

That's what I was thinking when I was in my early teens. I saw how difficult things were for me to grow up even in a good environment, what would it be like for my future wife? Perhaps things may even be more difficult for her. So I decided then to start praying for her, who ever she may be. Years and many prayers later I really think those prayers made a difference. I was the first boy my wife ever went out with and never had to deal with the ups and downs of finding ones match. Her life was filled with turns always leading more positive and spiritual.

In our hands

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Fork in the road

When we are presented with choice, we must take responsibility, make decisions and bear the consequences of them.

When we have no choice we must learn to be at peace with the fact that God decides our destiny and accept His choice.

Never forget though, there is always hope as there is always prayer.

Talking to God

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Formal prayer has always been part of my life and has been there for me when I felt so far that I couldn't not even begin to think of how to open my heart. Yet, just talking to God, pouring out my heart has always been something special to me. The feeling of happiness and contentment after having poured out my soul in tears and words is beyond description.

I once met a young woman that told me that when she couldn't speak (for example while in class), she would write to God.

How do you talk to God? We'd love to hear in the comments.

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