The Greatest Crime

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A person's hate is easily transformed in to love by their performing an act of kindness upon their object of hatred and so the greatest crime is not caring, for then love is never possible.

Cure for the Broken Heart

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To truly love some one is to fulfill their desires and so sometimes that means walking away. So, when those times come, be joyous that you can perform the truest act of love to them, one that is not with any expectation of something in return and completely fulfilling their desire, moving on.

True Love

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You only love another as much as your are ready to do for them and it is true love when that is greater than your feelings for them.


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There can be no suffering where there is no self.
Where there is no commitment and dedication to others, there is only self.
Be good and act with love to each other, only there will you find escape from suffering.


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Love is something you do, not something you have.


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If one's capacity to forgive is not greater than their capacity to love than they will never truly love others nor be loved by others.

A Spiritual Ritual

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What makes a ritual something spiritual?

The love and awe of heaven invested in to it.

Rituals help to keep us focused on our missions, to not wander off when we have drifted far, but sometimes they seem like nothing more than habits. Don't blame the ritual, look inward and ask, are you investing in to your actions the love of God, the appreciation and awe of what He has done for you and all of us?

Power to Love


God grants you the power to love, don't let others decide if you can.

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