All The Rest

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You do your best, and to God is all the rest.


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Everything you need to serve God, He already gave you, including the ability to ask for help to serve Him better.

Loving God

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To truly love God requires first learning to love man.

Next Step

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Growth comes when you know God will be there for you when you take your next step.

Why Me?


Never ask God why me, ask what are you trying to teach me.

Knowing God

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If you know God, you've met some one else. Only God can truly know himself.

Does God listen?


God listens to every prayer and answers every one. The question is do we pay attention or ignore the answers we didn't want to come.


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No matter how much we do to serve God, it will never be enough for just life alone. The least we can do is to at least thank Him regularly.

Paying Attention

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When things are happening in your life, good or bad, you know that God is paying attention to you. It's when nothing is happen that you need to worry.

Liberation to Learn

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Truly believing in God includes denying ones ability to align oneself with forces, ultimate beings or realties possessing creative ability that can oppose Him.

That belief and denial liberates a person to freely be able to see the universe as a place to learn from, a place where ones actions are accountable to a single authority and so that all that occurs in ones life is there to teach them and help them grow.

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