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When two people climb together you halve your chances to fall.

Being Overwhelmed

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When you feel you are being overwhelmed by life concentrate instead on the very next concrete thing. You climb mountains starting from their base and one step at a time and then you are there.

The Bright Side

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A person only needs to think about what didn't go wrong today to smile and say Thank God!

The Greatest Crime

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A person's hate is easily transformed in to love by their performing an act of kindness upon their object of hatred and so the greatest crime is not caring, for then love is never possible.

Limits of Vision

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God limits our vision to allow us to grow. If you knew the future, you would never learn anything from the present.

The Most Important Words


The most important words in any language's vocabulary are thank you and sorry. As long as you can say those words and accept those words you will have meaningful relationships.

Leaders and Managers

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Leaders and managers are not necessarily the same. Leaders have vision and fight for that vision, managers insure no one gets lost on the trail while running after them.

How To Change Your Life

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Nothing impacts a greater change on ones life than acts of kindness for others. When you focus on another, you lose your sense of 'self' and so allow the Godly soul in you to lift and change you forever towards being a greater and kinder person.


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Happiness comes from the absence of stress. Stress comes from worry. How can you worry if God's running the universe?

So "don't worry, be happy"


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There is no greater gift than criticism by those that care about us, it allows us to see another perspective of who we are and where we need to grow.

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