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Experience breeds appreciation and so God often places obstacles on the path to help us value the goal.

Sage Advice

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Hillel used to say: A savage man cannot fear sin; an ignorant man cannot be pious, nor can the shy man learn, or the impatient man teach. (Ethics of the Fathers 2:6)

Who You Know


It is not who you know that really matters, but how well you treat those you know.



Being part of a community means there is always someone there to pick you up or push you forward.


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Following religion allows you to spend your life on the path to God instead of seeking that path.



If you have not taken time to contemplate the events of your day, you have learned nothing from it.

To be a Teacher

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To be a teacher to any one you must first learn to be a student of everyone.


Cake Nurse

Silence is not caring, but the loudest words are deeds.

Developing Compassion


The process of developing compassion begins with always being the first one to say hello and never missing that opportunity.

All good?

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Everything is always well, but do we remember to recognize it? Even the picture hanging on the wall is in God's hands, the here and now He created is teaching us something for our good.

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