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Running Deer

When all else fails to motivate you, motivate others and then nothing will be able to hold you down.


Rainbow Zebra

When we focus on the beauty of each other's differences we automatically enjoy what we have in common.

When is it a good relationship?


You have a good relationship when three words are passing between the two of you all the time: Please, Thank You and Sorry.

Please shows respect for the other
Thank You shows appreciation for the other
Sorry shows care for the other


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The #1 world wide cause of sickness is stress, the #2 is worrying about getting stressed. Relax, God's in control there is nothing to worry about. Spend a few minutes every day and night just to relax, meditate and pray and it all the stress melts away.

Evil is Live Backwards

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We often only pay attention to being alive when evil things pass, that's backwards. Appreciate life and living every day for each moment is special and deserves our attention.

Clear Communication

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The only communication you can expect to be understood is the one where you actually say what you mean in the way the other person understands.



When books are your friends, knowledge becomes your family, and the universe your playground.

The Gift of Receiving

blue bow

I always make it my practice at various life events, holidays, seasons, etc. in my life to sort of do a review of my life, relationships, etc. For example, on my marriage anniversary I look at the past year and beyond with my wife and consider what I could do to be better, what I may have done wrong. etc.

Well, when this time of year comes around, I often think about gift giving for obvious reasons. In my review I always go back to my fifth birthday.....

There I was in Carvel, we all just enjoyed the birthday ice cream cake and me and all my little friends are sitting around and I start opening the gifts. Then it starts, the moment in time I dread, where instead of just smiling and showing joy at every gift and seeing them as the signs of kindness and friendship they are, I decide to say if I like the gift itself and if I will ever play with it, etc. The memory of that always makes my stomach turn especially when I realize how such words would make others feel.

Life Experience

clock look

The key to experiences in life is not how many you have, but how much time you spend considering the lessons that come from them.


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To help another heal you must first start by loving them unconditionally where they are now.