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Most people never stop to think what makes us laugh. It is the "fear of loss of dignity, social embarrassment, exclusion from the group, being fooled/exploited, death, injury, or sex. The more anxiety-prone the subject is, the better it is as a subject for humour."*

Why do it then, why not just forget about laughter?

Well nothing dispels anxiety faster and helps oneself and others around them relieve stress and become more attentive, alive.

Humor therefore is a weapon, it can be used for good and evil. Like all weapons, one must respect its potential for damage.

I use humor to help myself and others often, but I always try my best to make myself the fall guy, the one slipping on the banana, to make sure some one else isn't the brunt of a joke. It's not a fool proof way to prevent mistakes, but it helps. At the very least I try not to let myself get carried away with humor to the point of saying things I will regret. I try my best though that if I do say something wrong to regret it and be courageous enough to apologize for it.