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Marketing is "business" art



The best inspiration is a good friend.

Giving Love

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gift box

One must love to give and give always because one loves

Teaching is Loving

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love apple

True love is to give without desire to receive, true giving is true teaching

Teachers are Heros

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Any superhero of any worth is a teacher and all teachers are superheros

Working with Friends

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hands together

Work with friends you can love and you will never feel lonely a day in your life.

Creative Threads


Creative solutions are born out from the common threads between unrelated problems


robot thinking

You can’t create an algorithm to creativity

Choice Power

closed door

When you want to change, forget will power, embrace choice power! Commit to 100% choice to change. Never let the voice inside tell you to go back, you've chosen.

Find the Spark

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If you focus on a person's spark of beauty, you will enjoy the light of their soul.